Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bye Robots, Bye

There is a point in our lives where our interests change and our energy flows another way. My interest have long changes, you rarely see me on stardoll anymore this isn’t among my interest now. My energy flows to what brought me here, fashion, but was then put on the background. Stardoll gave me a sense of style mixing those virtual clothes making different combinations and now I am trying to do the same in real life. It was back in September that I created a fashion blog of its name “The Fashion Robot” you can take a look at it here: You know me always making publicity but the true is I don’t fucking care, pardon my tongue. 
Now if do want to follow me or contact me you know where to find me. I haven’t made many friends here, but we never have many true good friends. To those people close to me I just want to tell them I love them very much and to the others not close I like them too
 I guess this was just me officially saying goodbye but having already long left.

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